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We have closed for the 2024 prom season
We look forward to seeing you next year when we reopen in Jan. 2025!
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to see the last few remaining gowns we have still available!




During our prom season from January to late April we carry a large selection of top designers known for their unique style and handcrafted quality during the months of January through April.  We only carry gowns from the current season so you will always be sure to find a beautiful selection of gowns to choose from.  As a pop-up store, at the end of our season we discount any remaining gowns and close down until the next season.

We are excited to be offering this year highly sought after designers like Amarra, Portia & Scarlett, Faviana, Sophia Thomas, Dave & JohnnyEllie Wilde, Colette by Daphne, original custom designs and MANY MORE.   We are proud to offer only the current 2024 styles in our store, so you have the BEST selection to pick from.


With our VERIFIED registry of prom gowns we sell, we will not sell the same gown to someone else going to the same event.   

If you want to view our list just ask!


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about particular styles or lines that we carry.   

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